Thresh’s Firingsquad: What’s this Linux Thing?

“Some of the stereotypes above have a grain of truth in them.
Others are complete misconceptions. This article is meant to
shine the light of truth on some of the hype and anti-hype that is
currently swirling around one of the most misunderstood operating
systems in computer history.

“The three biggest draws to Linux are it’s stability,
versatility, and raw performance. When compared to the OS’s most
people are used to, Linux is an extraordinary stable system. It is
very rare for a well-administered Linux system to crash in a way
that necessitates a reboot. Even for people without system
administration experience, Linux is definitely more stable than
Windows NT, and almost indescribably more stable than Windows

“Linux is an operating system with many faces and uses. While
it’s original claim to fame is it’s capabilities as a server OS,
Linux has been making big strides in the desktop world. Easy to use
interfaces combined with a growing number of business applications
have made Linux competitive for a standard corporate desktop. The
backrooms of many Fortune 500 companies have been long running
Linux, but it is only recently that individual users only recently
have been able to seriously consider it as a full featured desktop