Tom Adelstein: Real Player for Linux – Try this to make it work

[ Linux Today reader Tom Adelstein of Bynari writes:

“Real Player has distinguished itself for Linux as a PIA.

I’ve followed the Real Player instructions for the rvplayer
for Linux and never got it to work. I searched newsgroups, asked
other users, and tried most everything I could find and still no

Finally, I asked the project manager on one of Bynari’s software
development teams how he got his to work. He sent me an email with
instructions and guess what – it worked.

So, I just want to pass it along in case anyone else might be
having the same problem I’ve had.

Here’s the body of the email:

Tom, per your request, here is the procedures that I used to
install realplayer 5.0.

Obviously the first thing to do it to untar it using the “zxfv”
(uncompress, xtract, from file, verbose) flags. I highly recommend
doing this as root. So, do “su -“.

After that, “cd /opt”. Next, untar it as specified above. After
this, locate where netscape is installed on your system.

Using, “locate libnullplugin.so”.

Once you know where the plugins need to be installed, do “ln -s
/opt/rvplayer5.0/librvplayer.so [netscape plugin
path]/librvplayer.so”. That allows netscape to find it when it

The next step is to make the shared libraries visable. To do
this, modify the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.

Next, modify the “/etc/profile” file. In this file, put the
following, “export LD_LIBARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/[netscape
plugin path]/librvplayer.so”.

Next, logout and login. From here, when Netscape starts, it
should be able to access the real video libraries and the plug in

Enjoy, Greg

P.S. Different distributions might have files in different
directories, so please verify any hard paths that I’ve specified.
For example, the directory “rvplayer5.0″ may not match exactly with
what got extracted.”