Torvalds is back from Finland, releases kernel 2.1.132-1

Linus Torvalds
posted to linux-kernel:


There’s a new pre-patch out there. I’m back from Finland, and
have caught up with just about half the email that I got during the
stay. However, even the part I caught up with I may have partly
missed something in, because (for obvious reasons) I didn’t read
them as carefully (*) as I usually do.

This should fix at least part of the NFS problems people have
reported: there was code to completely incorrectly invalidate quite
valid write requests under some circumstances. The pre-patch also
contains the first batch of patches merged in from Alan, and the
“rmdir” problems should be fixed (mostly thanks to Al Viro).

This pre-patch also gets rid of some imho completely unnecessary
complexity in some of the VM memory freeing routines. There have
been patches floating around that added more heuristics on when to
do something, and this tries to get the same result by just
removing old heuristics that didn’t make much sense.


(*) Even my usual “careful” is not very careful by other peoples
standards. So when _I_ say that I wasn’t very careful, you should
just assume that I was reading my email about as carefully as a
hyper-active hedgehog on some serious uppers. Can you say “ignored
email” three times quickly while chewing on an apple?