Torvalds: “Read My Lips: No More Merges”–aka Linux 2.6.14-rc1


Full Changelog

Ok, it’s been two weeks (actually, two weeks and one day) since
2.6.13, and that means that the merge window is closed. I’ve
released a 2.6.14-rc1, and we’re now all supposed to help just
clean up and fix everything, and aim for a really solid 2.6.14

Both the diffstat and the shortlog are so big that I can’t post
them on the kernel mailing list without getting the email killed by
the size restrictions, so there’s not a lot to say.

alpha, arm, x86, x86-64, ppc, ia64, mips, sparc, um.. Pretty
much every architecture got some updates. And an absolutely _huge_
ACPI diff, largely because of some re-indentation.

drm, watchdog, hwmon, i2c, infiniband, input layer, md, dvb,
v4l, network, pci, pcmcia, scsi, usb and sound driver updates.
People may appreciate that the most common wireless network drivers
got merged – centrino support is now in the standard kernel.

On the filesystem level, FUSE got merged, and ntfs and xfs got
updated. In the core VFS layer, the “struct files” thing is now
handled with RCU and has less expensive locking.

And networking changes.

In other words, a lot of stuff all over the place. Be nice now,
and follow the rules: put away the new toys, and instead work on
making sure the stuff that got merged is all solid. Ok?

Anybody with git can do the shortlog with

        git-rev-list --no-merges --pretty=short v2.6.14-rc1 ^v2.6.13 |
                git-shortlog | less -S

which is actually pretty informative.