Torvalds: Real Quality Means Taking it Personally

“On potential changes to the release cycle: Torvalds seemed to
suggest the current cycle could last awhile. “We have been so
successful trying to shrink the cycle that I would try to shrink it
a bit more, although in arguments against it, they [kernel
developers] have convinced me that I don’t think we can,” he said.
“No one’s really unhappy with the current cycle.”

“On the “tools” people at the conference, and userland vs kernel
issues: According to Torvalds, the debates on userland vs kernel
layer changes “are always so painful.” In general, he added, he
thinks it’s best when “we can keep something in the kernel and
don’t have to worry about userland interactions and tools and
especially graphical GUIs, which kernel people really aren’t that
great at,” he said. Added Torvalds, “We are much better when we
have don’t have to try to integrate with a group that doesn’t share
our values and where we really don’t know each others’ issues.”


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