Tucows Linux: Yet Another PPP Dock Applet for Window Maker [yawmppp]

“I’m currently testing a modem connection program, yawmppp
1.2.0., a front-end program for pppd. This looks to have a quick
and easy GUI setup program for newbies with some things you can
tweak here and there in the GUI configuration screens. It has
multiple ISP connection ability, connection time display, ppp load
and speed graphs, LED display for connection status, and a GUI
viewer for the connection logs.”

“Installation seemed easy enough. First I need to have ppp
support in the kernel, then have pppd and chat programs installed.
Since these are defaults on most distributions I was all set. Next
in order to compile and run I needed to have glib-1.2.x,
gtk+-1.2.x, ( and the devel of the same) installed. I already had
these so… time to compile. After the configure, make and make
install I’m ready to have a look at the program.”

“I like this program. It has basic setup for newbie users
and advanced options for those of you that like to tweak your
connections for speed. There is a choice of two Windowmaker
applets, the standard and a thin version. These applets will work
in other window managers.
I personally like the thin applet
that fits in the Helix-Gnome taskbar. Installation was easy through
the makefiles and a simple make uninstall will remove the program.