TuxReports: Kondara MNU/Linux 2.1 Overview

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“Imagine, if you dare, a world in which penguins ride
motorcycles. Picture them rolling down the highway, with their
feathers flopping in the wind. Visualize scarfs around their little
necks and a pair of goggles over their eyes. Hear them singing the
song Born to be Wild at the top of their lungs. Wait a
second. Penguins can’t sing or can they?

“In the world of Linux, not only can penguins drive fast
motorcycles but they can also sing. And they love to sing. So we
aren’t so far off from this imaginative world of ours after all.
Just ask the developers behind Kondara. They’ve released a new
version of their Linux distribution, Kondara MNU/Linux 2.1. This
latest release has taken funny walking birds one step closer to a
dream world filled with penguins riding motorcycles. And it is
their hope that you’ll join them on the road to a wilderness filled
with penguins, motorcycles, fanciful song, and merriment.

“Now it’s time for you to throw caution to the wind. Hold on
tight, start singing Born to be Wild and join us as we
discover Kondara MNU/Linux 2.1, code named Asumi…”

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