Ubuntu 17.04 Opt-In Flavors Finally Get Their Alpha Release, Here’s What’s New

All these Alpha 2 flavors are powered by Linux kernel 4.9.5 (4.9.0-15.16), but the changes in each one are kept to a minimum at this time. For example, Lubuntu 17.04 Alpha 2 still doesn’t ship with the LXQt desktop environment. Ubuntu Kylin 17.04 Alpha 2 fixes many internationalization and localization bugs, Kubuntu 17.04 Alpha 2 is using the latest KDE Plasma 5.8.5 LTS, KDE Applications 16.12.1, and KDE Frameworks 5.30.0 technologies. Ubuntu GNOME 17.04 Alpha 2 appears to have the most improvements due to their recent migration to the GNOME 3.22 Stack. It now includes the Flatpak 0.8 applications sandboxing framework and the chrome-gnome-shell system helper.