Ubuntu Developer Summit: Dropping KDE Desktop

“The Ubuntu Developer Summit is in full swing here in Florida.
There have been a load of important decisions taken. For example
today I dropped KDE from our desktop. I know this may be
controvertial with some parts of the community but we can have
unity in our new desktop.. Plasma. Of course we’re Kubuntu so we
did it upstream.

“Martin and the X.org packagers had a face off about X drivers.
Kubuntu Mobile has plans to make it more useful next round. We
found problems that need fixed like KDE’s system localisation
support. We reviewed all the patches Kubuntu and Debian has for Qt
and found a load that can be dropped or moved upstream. Canonical
decided it loves Qt and Qt asked what Canonical wants
(accessibility was mentioned a lot).

“There’s still plenty of sessions to go if you want to take part
remotely, see the schedule and the remote participation.”