Unity 5.2: What’s new, and a call for testing

“Let’s walk through how to preview the new features unity 5.2 is
bringing, and help test those features using checkbox! Checkbox
allows you to get your feedback straight into the hands of the
unity developers and report any problems your system may have with
the new version of unity. First let’s talk a little bit about
what’s new. Note that these features only exist for right now in
Unity 3D.

Multi-monitor support
You will now see launchers on each of your monitor, and when you
scroll across a monitor, you should feel some resistance in order
to allow for you to use the launcher on that screen.

New screen edge detection
To invoke the launcher, you now need to push (or “scroll into”)
against the left of the screen, rather than hover for X seconds. No
more hitting the back button in firefox and having the launcher pop
up in your way!

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