UNIXReview: UNIX, UNIXReview, and You

“With all due respect (and much respect is due) to Linus
Torvalds, the community of Linux developers, and the high quality
of work they have done, it seems necessary to point out just what
Linux is. Very small drum roll, please. … Linux is a brand.”

“That’s either obvious or a sacrilege, I suppose, but it’s not a
bad thing. It’s probably the thing that will keep UNIX alive. When
I first started writing about technology back in 1981, the
unintentional annual joke was, OK, last year wasn’t The Year of
UNIX, but this year will be. It never was The Year of UNIX, chiefly
because there never was a single UNIX to get behind. There still
isn’t, really, but there is finally a banner to rally ’round.
Today, in terms of banners, it’s clearly Linux.”

“This is it, or the beginning of it: unixreview.com, CMP’s
community for UNIX professionals. Expect to see news, reviews, and
in-depth articles on Linux, open source software, BSD, UNIX
administration, Linux, development, security, Linux, and other UNIX
unixreview.com will integrate the
performancecomputing.com, linux-IT.com, and unixiNTegration.com Web
sites and the Sys Admin magazine Web site. And Linux. We hope to be
adding new content more or less daily.”