Unovyx on Kickstarter! RapidDisk, a new type of RAM Disk for Linux.

[ Thanks to Petros
for this link. ]

“Unovyx, LLC would like to announce that it is
currently on Kickstarter.com attempting to seek funding for the
development and testing of a large software-based project. The
project is called RapidDisk (abbreviated to rxdsk) and is currently
trying to raise $2,500 to help purchase all necessary equipment to
not only develop the device driver and management application but
also to ensure that it has been tested and stabilized before
releasing it to the world under the GNU General Public License
version 2 (GPLv2) open source license with the hopes of one day
getting it integrated into the Linux kernel.

“You may be asking yourselves, why are we doing this? Well,
first and foremost, we are a startup company with very limited
funding. It is pretty difficult to invest time and resources to a
project when they cannot be afforded. Second, it gives the company
some additional exposure to the world; to show everyone that here
is Unovyx and this is what we intend to offer.

“Now it is time to explain RapidDisk (rxdsk). To do this, I will
take part of the description provided on both the Kickstarter and
Unovyx project pages. That is, historically, the Linux kernel has
always supported some type of RAM disk module. Although they have
always been very simple and never could compete with their Solaris
and FreeBSD counterparts. With a rich Solaris background, I was
missing the technology when on a Linux-based operating system.”

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