Update: Hans Reiser Guilty of First Degree Murder

“Jurors found Linux programmer Hans Reiser guilty of first
degree murder on Monday, concluding he killed his estranged wife in
2006. The verdict followed a nearly six-month trial and nearly
three days of deliberation

“The 44-year-old developer of the ReiserFS filesystem, sat
quietly as a clerk for Alameda County Superior Court Judge Larry
Goodman read the verdict. Reiser faces a mandatory sentence of 25
years to life in prison. Wearing the same dark coat he’s worn for
months, the defendant was immediately removed from the courtroom by
one of four bailiffs watching over the courtroom. He asked out loud
if he could speak with his attorney…”


Wired: Defense Lawyer Says Reiser Didn’t Help Himself

“in a media briefing following today’s murder verdict,
prosecutor Paul Hora said the jury was persuaded to convict Hans
Reiser of murder by the latticework of circumstantial evidence
presented at the six-month trial.

“‘The strongest piece of evidence is every piece in light of
every other piece,’ Hora said. ‘It’s like a puzzle…'”