Update: Linux Business Week: AOL To Tell Lindows To Retract its Claims

“AOL Computer? What AOL Computer? AOL denies there is such a

“More’s the pity for Lindows.com, which got another 15 minutes
of fame this week after cleverly stretching a freebie Netscape
license into what it called an ‘AOL Computer,’ dazzling a lot of
folks with its creation.

“Why, it even had MSNBC talking about Lindows 2.0 as ‘AOL’s new
Netscape OS…'”


MSNBC: AOL Distances Itself from Lindows

“Last week, we told you about the new Microtel computer that
sells for $199 and runs a form of Linux called Lindows. I noted
that Lindows was touting itself as an AOL computer because it links
to AOL services as part of its standard software–but it seems that
AOL may have other ideas…”


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