UPDATED: 32BitsOnline: Software Reviews–Partition Magic 4.0

“Adding new operating systems should not be something that
should intimidate. In fact, it should be easy and painless. And
that’s what PowerQuest’s new version of Partition Magic is all

“If you have used previous versions of Partition Magic, the
product still does the same thing as previous versions did. This
time PowerQuest added the now highly ubiquitous wizards into the
new version.”

“Partition Magic now supports hard drives of up to 20 gigabytes,
built-in conversion from FAT16 – FAT32 file systems.”

“Partition Magic has built-in support for Linux’s ext2 file
system, in addition to NTFS and HPFS.”

Complete review

Thanks to Benjamin Scott for the following information:

The author states that because PartitionMagic does not
include Linux binaries, you need to have Windows available to run
it. That is not correct. The PartitionMagic CD-ROM includes a LINUX
directory, which in turn includes two diskette images. The first is
a Caldera OpenDOS boot diskette, the second contains PartitionMagic
program files. Using just these diskette images and Linux, you can
use PartitionMagic. So there is no need for a third-party product
to host PartitionMagic.