Upside: Let the Games Begin

Thanks to unclebilly66 for this

“Time moves fast in the Linux world. Just ask Scott Draeker,
founder and president of Tustin, Calif.-based Loki Entertainment

“After all, it was only twelve months ago that Draeker, then an
Orange County software licensing attorney, was still trying to win
over business partners on the somewhat dicey concept of Linux
computer games. By licensing popular Windows titles and porting
them over to the developing Linux platform, he told friends and
family, a company could secure first-mover status in a fledgling
market while at the same time building that market by making Linux
more attractive to mainstream users.”

“As the media hype surrounding Linux increased and investors’
appetites for Linux-based startups came around, however, Draeker
says his business plan found itself up against a last-minute

“‘I wasn’t even sure you could port a game to Linux,’ he says,