VARKON CAD sources under (L)GPL


We hereby announce that Microform AB in Sweden,
the owners and developers of the VARKON CAD-system
has decided to release the complete VARKON
sources under the GPL License.

VARKON is a CAD system and CAD applications
development tool that has been available free
of charge for Linux for a couple of years as
a binary distribution. Check:

 http://www.varkon.com for more info.

The release of the sources will take some time.
We are currently making a complete reaorganization
of the source tree and a general cleanup rewrite
and translation of selected parts of the comments
to english in order to make everything get the feel
and look of common GPL/LGPL sources.

For those of you who are interested we have already
released two+ modules (DB, EX and a snapshot of GE).
You can download them from the VARKON website, URL

Left to release is the IG, GP, WP, PM, AN, PL and
complete GE module. The full VARKON documentation
is already available online and for download.

- --

Johan Kjellander, Microform AB

http://www.varkon.com (VARKON/English)
http://www.microform.se/toan (Sailing/Swedish)