VNU Net: New AIX takes first strands of Unixware

“Tomorrow IBM will unveil the first release of its Unix
operating system AIX that shares common code with its future spouse
SCO Unixware, but customers will have to wait until next year for
new functionality such as Numa.”

“The news crept out as the vendor announced today its new high
end 24 way Copper based (450MHz Power3) RS/6000 S80 and a non
copper single processor (375MHz Power3) ISP targeted slimline
RS/6000 B50…”

“The only significant function that AIX has inherited so far is
compatibility with the free Unix operating system, Linux. AIX
4.3.4. will be the first non Intel operating system to share API’s
using an adapted version of SCO’s Lxrun. This will allow AIX
customers to “easily” recompile and migrate applications written
for Linux to run on AIX. Many new applications are now written for
the Linux operating system before other Unix languages…

“IBM could make Linux compatibility available for other
operating systems, like Microsoft NT.”

“Not only will this technology run across multiple
architectures, rather than just Intel, it has also been designed to
run on other operating systems, other than Unix,” explained

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