WebReview.com: Piloting Your Palm With Linux

[ Thanks to Chris
for this link. ]

“Palm Pilots are not intended to be your sole computing
platform, but instead are designed to be satellite devices for when
you’re away from your desk. And if your desk features a Linux box
(or any brand of Unix, for that matter), you’ll be pleased to know
that the Palm Pilots are well supported on this platform.”

“Most people synchronize their Palms with their Linux boxes via
“cradles” and exchange information between them as needed. So,
notes jotted on the Palm during a meeting can automatically be
e-mailed to others who need them once you slip your baby in the
cradle and upload. On the other hand, the day’s schedule and
up-to-date Internet news can be downloaded to the Palm at home for
review on the bus ride to the office….”

Linux is a great supporting desktop environment for Palm
thanks to several Open Source projects and their authors.
is common in Unix environments, the programs doing the actual
low-level work are often quite separate from those presenting the
pretty look-and-feel interface to the user. In this case,
Pilot-Link handles the actual communications between the Pilot and
the Linux environment, while J-Pilot and other user tools leverage
on Pilot-Link, and so can concentrate their efforts on the end-user