Weekly Status Reports Requested from Mozilla Developers

From the MozillaZine website:

“As some of you may know, I also maintain the Status Update page
at mozilla.org. In the past I have gathered status updates via a
mailing list, but this list does not reach all of the developers
that I know are out there doing great work on ports to various

“So, to all third-party developers out there, I’d like to open
up the status update page to their work as well. If you are working
on porting Mozilla, or extending it in any way, we’d like to hear
from you. Just send your email address to us via
[email protected], and we’ll send you a status update
request every week. Your status update will be added to the status
page at mozilla.org.”

“The new mailing will start up next week. For this week, if you
have an update for us, just include it in your mail to the address

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