What’s new in Linux 2.6.36

“The new kernel version is notable because it hasn’t grown in
size – yet it contains hundreds of advancements which will be
obvious to end users, who don’t often notice changes in their Linux
distribution’s kernel.

“After 80 days of development Linus Torvalds has released Linux
version 2.6.36. It got the name “Flesh-Eating Bats with Fangs” with
the eight pre-release; Torvalds was inspired by a bat that recently
found its way into his house. The new Linux kernel is no larger
than its immediate predecessor – a rarity, as over the past
few years the kernel sources have grown by several hundred thousand
lines of code with every new version released in the main
development branch.

“Downloading the Linux kernel

“New versions of Linux can be obtained from the Kernel.org
servers; the contents of these servers are also mirrored on
numerous mirrors internationally. However, Linux users who are not
familiar with the details of the kernel and its environment should
generally not install new Linux drivers and kernels themselves but
use the kernels provided by the Linux distributors instead.

“The kernel hasn’t grown in size because the developers
considerably trimmed down the default configuration files. However,
other patches have introduced plenty of new source code, allowing
2.6.36 to offer numerous noteworthy new features…”

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