Why I Left Rackspace and What About Openstack

[ Thanks to Bill
for this link. ]

“In my opinion, one of the things that led to the poor process
used for the governance changes was that they were overreacting to
negative blogs about Rackspace’s purchase of Anso Labs. This is
indicative of what I see as a problem of focus. Rackspace seems to
view this as a marketing and PR property, when in fact, it is a
technological endeavor. That the people “in charge” of the project,
from the Rackspace side, are marketing and business development
folks reinforces this idea.

“I think that the PR effort around Openstack has had a
tremendous effect on its success thus far, but it is adjunct to the
project and not the meat of the project. The one actual problem
that I have with the substance of the governance changes, is that I
think it creates many weak technical leaders with very short terms.
Unless Openstack is lead by a strong technical team, it will
ultimately fail.”