Why the UCITA is good for Open Source Software

Thanks to Scott E.
for this link.

Scott E. Regener believes it could help Open Source

“As many of you now know, a new law called the Uniform Computer
Information Transactions Act (UCITA) is being considered. This law
would go to great lengths to decrease the rights of end users and
increase the rights of the software companies producing the
software. Included in this act are provisions that would allow a
company to 1) remove all responsibility for bugs, including known
ones; 2) allow the producer of the software to remotely disable
programs when they believe the license has been violated; 3) remove
all legal protections from the user for damages maliciously caused
by a product.”

“UCITA is being fought by a great many people from a great many
different backgrounds. People are fighting it for different
reasons. Whenever a new law is passed, especially one that changes
the structure of business, there are winners and losers. Few argue
that commercial software users would be harmed by this act. Most
think the gains would go to the commercial software developers. It
is my belief that both commerical software users and producers
would be harmed by this act.”