WideOpenNews: Linux Demand Up, Again

“In its study of enterprise management issues, Evans
Marketing Services found that the number of IT and development
managers at large companies expecting to deploy Linux apps
increased by 75 percent during the last six months of 1999. The
number of companies actually running Linux on their servers
increased by 95 percent.”

“News that Linux deployment is rising dramatically is hardly
new, but particularly compelling about EMS’s numbers is the fact
that they reflect a trend among corporate megaliths: the 400-plus
IT and development managers surveyed worked for corporations
housing more than 2000 employees. While last May only 16.5 percent
of the IT and development managers informing these companies
expected to deploy Linux applications within the next year, 29
percent anticipated doing so when asked in December.”

“In the same time period, the number of these companies running
Linux on their servers grew from 17.5 percent to 34.2 percent.
Perhaps more significant, however, is the increase in the number of
big corporations willing to rest a hefty portion of their weight on
Linux. Almost 13 percent of the companies had Linux plugged into
more than 25 percent of their servers in December, up from 2
percent in May.”