WinMag.com: Will Linux Rule?

“Now, I consider myself something of a propellerhead, and it’s
not that I can’t figure out how to configure Linux (though it is
true that I can’t find drivers for many devices I want to use).
It’s just that I don’t want to have to work that hard. Then there’s
that clunky interface, and the whole issue — which has always been
a problem with Unix, and let’s face it, Linux is Unix redux — of
the various flavors of Linux, which means sudden and unanticipated
incompatibilities. And the dearth of top-quality software. I could
go on, but you get the point. I await the flames.”

Anyway, my point is, despite all these problems, Linux is
here to stay, and it’s going to achieve significant market share.
Because it’s cheap. Because it’ll run on outdated equipment.
Because it doesn’t crash much. And because for many applications,
you’ll be insulated from the problems with Linux I’ve just put

“These qualities make it ideal for the whole raft of new
Internet devices that are just over the horizon, many of which will
have embedded processors and extremely simple user interfaces. You
need not even wonder what OS is driving your device. It’ll just
work, and the face it presents you with will be nothing more
complicated than a decent Web browser.”