Wired: Groklaw’s Jones Looks Beyond SCO

WN: Bruce Perens said at Linuxworld NYC that
he believed patent claims will continue to be a problem for Linux
after the SCO case is settled. Do you agree?

Jones: I agree with Bruce, but I am strongly
influenced by Dan Ravicher, who is a patent attorney and heads up
the Public Patent Foundation. It is his view that the amount of
money you can get from a patent suit is so much less than you can
get from other IP (intellectual property) strategies, so he feels
the threat is somewhat overrated. Obviously he takes the patent
risk seriously enough to set up PubPat, but he doesn’t view the
subject quite as bleakly as Bruce seems to. That may be because he
is working actively to fix the problem and he has the skill set to
be successful. You tend to be more optimistic when you can do
something actively about a problem…”


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