Wired: New Amiga Stirs Passions

After waiting seven years for a new Amiga, some members of
the PC’s fiercely loyal community are spitting mad about the new

“At the Amiga 2000 show in St. Louis over the weekend, Amiga
unveiled a new machine for the platform’s developers based on a 500
MHz AMD K6 processor and a fast 3D graphics system from

“The machine, a generic PC made from off-the-shelf parts, runs a
new hybrid operating system based on Linux and Tao Group’s Elate, a
cross-platform operating system that supports Sun’s Java. The new
operating system isn’t compatible with current Amiga

“The hardware isn’t Amiga and the software isn’t Amiga,” said
Michael Battilana, a long-time Amiga developer and president of
Cloanto, which publishes an Amiga emulator. “It is using the Amiga
name to attract developers and users. I consider it a misuse of the
Amiga name.”