WMLinuxToday is released

Linux Today readers who use the Window Maker window manager may
now add our headlines to their menu.

“WMHeadlines is a little project to integreate web news sites
with the Window Maker root menu. Currently, there are four member
scripts in the project… WMSlashdot, WMFreshmeat, WMSegfault, and
WMLinuxToday. (BeOSCentral is probably coming soon). Run every so
often from cron, these scripts grab the recent headlines from the
Slashdot, Freshmeat, Segfault.org, and LinuxToday news sites and
list them in your menu. Selecting a headline brings up the article
in netscape.”

Thanks to Jeff
for writing this nifty script, and to iota for requesting it to be

Screenshots, documentation, and downloads are available at the