XML.com: Bleeding-Edge XML: XLink and Apache

“Tutorial sessions at XTech 2000 are a great place to find
out about the bleeding edge of XML development. To give you a taste
of the current work on XML specifications and technologies, we
attended two sessions: XLink and Apache: XML Publication

“Link represents the cutting edge of W3C specification
development, while Apache XML represents the cutting edge of XML
web publishing tools. Both sessions demonstrated incredible
potential for the future application of XML.”

“Eve Maler, co-editor of the XLink spec, presented a tutorial on
the XML linking technology, covering XLink and XPointer. She was
able to report on changes and decisions made just last week by the
W3C working group.”

“An energetic Pierpaolo Fumagalli, a developer with the Apache
Cocoon project, gave an interesting overview of the challenges that
arise when developing web sites with XML. With two years’
experience developing and documenting the Cocoon server (among
other projects), Fumagalli has developed his own unique methods and

“Fumagalli shared some of the particular problems encountered
with Cocoon 1. Cocoon is a server for parsing, transforming, and
styling XML.”