XML.org: XML Europe — Time for Tough Decisions

“Like diners at a smorgasbord, attendees are having a tough
time deciding what they want to experience at XML Europe 2000, the
largest event in Europe dedicated to XML.
“The Many Faces of
XML” will include 18 tutorials to choose from on Monday 12 June,
and up to six tracks running concurrently from 13-16 June 2000, all
at Le Palais des Congrès in Paris, France. Online
registration is now open for this GCA-sponsored event at
www.xmleurope.com and will continue through 26 May.”

“XML Europe brings together the leading technical experts,
users, and vendors for a week of information exchange on all
aspects of XML’s growth. Representatives from W3C, ISO, OASIS and
IDEAlliance will be out in force to bring delegates the latest
information on standards and vertical-application development.
Technical experts will share the results of resent research into
the use of XML and its satellite standards, and experienced users
will detail various paths to successful implementations. Leading
vendors will also be available throughout the show’s 20 exhibition

“Visit www.xmleurope.com to register and start participating now
by posing questions to the vendor panel on line. To learn more
about GCA and other upcoming XML events, visit www.gca.org. For
more information on GCA activities, contact GCA Vice President of
Communications Pete Janhunen at [email protected] or +1 703 519
8190 or at [email protected]