Yellow Dog for IBM RS/6000

Thanks to Dan Burcaw for forwarding this along.

Terra Soft Solutions, Inc. announced the availability of Yellow
Dog Linux Champion Server 1.1 optimized for three IBM RS/6000
products — the 43P Model 150, a uniprocessor workstation and
entry-level server, the F50 server, with up to four
microprocessors, and the upcoming thin application server, code
named Pizzazz.

Yellow Dog Linux Champion Server 1.1, Terra Soft’s Linux
operating system, is designed for a wide range of uses including
applications used by Internet service providers, corporate
intra/extranets, Web and network servers.

“This represents a significant move for Yellow Dog Linux into a
new market,” said Kai Staats, Chief Executive Officer of Terra
Soft. “By teaming with IBM and RS/6000 servers we will be able to
offer our product on one of the industry’s top rated

“We have customers asking for Linux-based solutions on the
RS/6000,” said Rod Adkins, IBM RS/6000. “We said earlier this year
we would be working with the Linux community to provide Linux-based
solutions on RS/6000, and now we’re beginning to deliver on that

Champion Server 1.1 for RS/6000 will be available for pre-order
beginning July 26, starting at $24.95, and for download shortly
thereafter at www.yellowdoglinux.com. The CDs with RS/6000 kernels
will be shipping the following week. Additional purchase options
include Installation Support and an Installation Guide within the
unique Yellow Dog zipper-portfolio case.

About IBM RS/6000
More than 850,000 IBM RS/6000 systems have been shipped to over
125,000 commercial and technical customers around the world. The
RS/6000 family of computers feature IBM RISC-based microprocessors
and run AIX, IBM’s UNIX operating system. RS/6000 delivers the
industry’s most complete UNIX offerings by combining applications
with hardware, software, service and support for unmatched high
availability, scalability, system management, and performance.

More information is available at http://www.rs6000.ibm.com or Jeff
Gluck, 914-766-3839, [email protected]

About Terra Soft Solutions, Inc.
Based in Loveland, CO, TSS is the developer of Yellow Dog Linux for
Apple Macintosh G3, PowerPC, and RS/6000 systems. Champion Server,
their flagship product, is a highly professional distribution
geared toward a wide range of network applications such as ISPs,
corporate intra/extranets, Web and network servers. Terra Soft has
recently introduced Black Lab Linux, a parallel-computing system
for research and development facilities.

More information is available at http://www.terrasoftsolutions.com
or Kai Staats, 970-278-9243, [email protected]