Yocto Project Aligns Technology with OpenEmbedded and Gains Corporate Collaborators

“The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization dedicated to
accelerating the growth of Linux, today announced that the Yocto
Project will align with the OpenEmbedded community to advance
embedded Linux. The Linux Foundation today is also announcing a
variety of new companies that are participating in these embedded
Linux efforts.

“The Yocto Project is merging technology with the OpenEmbedded
community and extending governance to include OpenEmbedded
representatives. In addition, the projects are planning to share a
common OpenEmbedded Core consisting of software build recipes and
core Linux components, preventing fragmentation and reinforcing the
OpenEmbedded methodology as an open standard for embedded Linux
build systems.

“The Yocto Project is a Linux Foundation workgroup announced
late last year to help develop open source, high-quality technology
that helps companies make custom Linux-based systems for embedded
products, regardless of hardware architecture. The OpenEmbedded
community, founded in 2003, is focused on building a common build
framework for embedded Linux.”

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