ZDNet: Interview: IBM’s Linux Tech Chief

“At LinuxWorld 2002 in San Francisco we sat down with Daniel
Frye, Director of IBM’s Linux Technology Center, to get the inside
story on IBM’s strategy in light of these announcements.

How does SourceForge Enterprise Edition differ from the
SourceForge.net Web site?

“It’s a set of tools, an application, a management
infrastructure that enables open-source development. (In fact, my
team uses it, as do a number of groups at IBM, inside the company;
we have what’s called the ‘internal IBM open-source bazaar.’) It
uses the SourceForge set of tools. If a team wants to do
open-source development within IBM, they create an account and it
gives them the source code repository, the mailing lists, control
mechanisms, licenses, and so on. That’s what SourceForge uses to
run SourceForge.net. SourceForge will be using its own Enterprise
Edition, and in fact already does. Part of the arrangement is that
we will be able to sell that as well. It’s a good alliance…”

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