ZDNet: It’s the apps, stupid – Trying to pick a winner between GNOME and KDE is a futile distraction

“My personal theory about the current crop of ‘reality’ shows is
that the viewing public doesn’t want to see winners so much as it
wants to see losers. Would anyone be watching that Survivor crud if
people weren’t getting voted off each week? I don’t think so.”

“It’s the same depressing public taste for confrontation and
humiliation that seems to be behind much of the recent news about
the open source world’s two favorite graphical interfaces, GNOME
and KDE….”

What was so broken within GNOME that it needed a Foundation
to fix?
How badly do the GNOME developers want to take the
advice of the companies who collectively championed Motif, and then
its mutant offspring CDE, as what the world should use for a

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