ZDNet: Just the apps, Ma’am

“When they announced their Linux product at Comdex last Fall,
Corel was clearly aiming at a different target market than most
distribution efforts to date. While other Linux packages have
stressed their abilities at server services, Corel said it was
going right for the desktop.

“In the free software world, distributors don’t need to be
selective about what software packages they bundle on their CDs.
Every distribution usually includes a reasonable desktop, either
KDE and/or GNOME and/or XFce and/or whatever other desktops can be
tossed into a CD kit. You’ll also find the requisite catalog of
basic desktop apps on most Linux distributions, and maybe even the
download version of WordPerfect or StarOffice.”

“Corel is clearly going an extra step (or five) further in this
field. Here are a few of the positive things they’ve done for the

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