ZDNet: Opening a Few Windows with PHP

“Let me just say at the outset that I am an avowed Linux user.
My servers run Red Hat or SuSE, my home system runs Corel. However,
I also have a Windows machine, as do most people. That’s a key
point: “as do most people.” Despite my personal preferences and the
crusades of many, Windows still controls market share. This point
does not preclude one from learning PHP! – in fact, a great deal of
PHP newbies are coming from the Windows world. We all need to
recognize and embrace them, dear Linux users – remember, that’s one
less person using ASP.”

“The intention of this article is not to engage in platform
warfare, but to simply inform folks that PHP is not just for Linux.
I’ll point out some basic differences in development, and things to
watch out for, should you develop and test your scripts on Windows,
then upload your files to your non-Windows ISP. There really aren’t
that many, just a few little tweaks here and there.”

This is of the wonderful things about PHP: it really is
about as close to 100% cross-platform as you can get, which is a
testament to the Open Source developers who have contributed and
keep contributing.
Windows developers count for a small
portion of the PHP Development Team, so if you’re a Windows
developer and you want to get your feet wet in Open Source
development, this would be a great place to pitch in.”

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