ZDNet: Red flags fly over Windows 2000

“A rumored government-wide ban of Windows 2000 in favor of ‘Red
Flag-Linux’ in China is just one of a number of red flags facing
the company when it comes to its biggest product launch of

“…integrators and solution providers are continuing to bank on
Microsoft’s promises that Windows 2000 will be a boon for them on
all fronts, ranging from training to consulting to deployment. But
ask integrators and solution providers for concrete, tangible
reasons why customers should upgrade, and their answers are not
quite so clear.

They know Active Directory is supposed to bring all kinds of
benefits, but they aren’t so good at spelling them
out—despite the fact that Microsoft has given them lots of
hints, by posting white papers which list at length the supposed
improvements of Active Directory vis-à-vis shipping
technologies like Novell Directory Services. They have heard
Microsoft spent 500 person years and $162 million to test Windows
2000, but still admit privately they are waiting for the next point
release before whole-heartedly recommending it.”