ZDNet UK: Eric Raymond Interviews

“Raymond spoke to ZDNet UK during a recent European speaking
tour under the auspices of the UK and Danish Unix Users Groups.

Q: You co-founded the Open Source Initiative in late
1998 with the goal of making free software credible outside of the
hacker community. What progress has been made since

“A: I think to a large extent we succeeded in our initial
program, which was in positioning the open-source label as
something the typical corporate manager could deal with without
being frightened. And I think one of the effects of that has been
to empower advocates of open source inside corporations. Now they
have a set of resources to point to that aren’t as it were
ideologically tainted… there are elements of the Free Software
Foundation that are not real happy with that…”

“Why Open
Source Will Rule”

“Why Linux
Will Rule the Desktop”

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