ZDNET UK: Linux on the desktop after all?

“Linux is ready to fulfil the requirements of most desktop
users, according to the chief technical officer of SuSE Linux and
founder member of the XFree86 organisation, Dirk Hondel.”

“The comments follow widespread reports that Hondel’s boss, SuSE
chief executive Roland Dyroff, has said the opposite, claiming that
Linux still isn’t ready for desktop use. Hondel, keen to clear up
the mess, explained to ZDNet in an exclusive Eye2Eye interview —
to be published next week — that Dyroff’s statement had been

Hondel explained that while Linux on the desktop is viable,
there remains work to be done before the dream of mass market
acceptance is a reality.
“Linux is well equipped for the
desktop marketplace,” says Hondel. “It’s just that there are areas
in this market where Linux still has more to add and more to learn.
Linux today is very much capable of filling the requirements of
most desktop users. The main thing here is that Linux is a very
good choice for technically interested users. If you’re talking
about grandma and granddaddy using a computer, then you have to
ask, is it the right choice?”