ZDNet: Unix vendors, sans Sun, line up for Linux

“Major Unix vendors concerned about the growing popularity of
Linux are seeking some unique solutions, rallying behind the
platform to help promote their own — while keeping one key
competitor on the outside.”

“The trend is clearly evidenced by the alliance announced this
week by IBM, Intel Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co. and NEC Corp., which
are joining forces to sponsor the Open Source Development Lab. The
companies will spend millions of dollars to fund what they’re
calling the industry’s first independent, non-profit lab for
developers who are adding enterprise capabilities to Linux. The lab
will be based near Portland, Ore.”

The goal: make Linux more reliable, available and
serviceable so it can meet enterprise computing needs. The leading
Unix vendors are building off their belief that Linux is not a
threat and instead has significantly expanded the total Unix market
and, accordingly, the opportunities within that market.

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