ZDNN: Apple won’t put OS X on other platforms

“During a conversation with Germany’s Macwelt magazine at this
week’s Apple Expo here, Schiller also quashed speculation that
Apple will offer a Windows version of its Sherlock Internet search
technology and addressed other issues, including Mac OS 9 upgrade
pricing and the company’s rumored plans to create its own Internet
portal site.”

“According to Schiller, IBM’s decision to release a PowerPC
motherboard design free of charge to third-party hardware
developers was motivated by the chip maker’s desire to increase the
RISC processor’s penetration into the Linux market.
developers will be able to use Darwin, Apple’s open-source OS, to
develop for the CHRP-based systems, Schiller said the client
version of Mac OS X will only run on Apple hardware equipped with a
G3 or G4 processor.”

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