ZDNN: How MS plans to remake Windows

Thanks to Eric Garvue
for this link.

“In NT-based version, say bye-bye to DOS, cryptic error messages
and hello to WinTone”

“Microsoft Corp. is attempting to churn out this month its first
internal builds of Neptune, the code name for the first consumer
version of Windows built on the NT kernel.”

“NEPTUNE IS SLATED as the follow-on to Millennium, the code name
for the final version of Windows based on the Windows 9x

“According to Microsoft documents examined by [email protected] and
PC Week, the company has a simple, albeit ambitious, rallying cry
behind the NT kernel-based operating system: “It just

“…games are likely to be especially hard to move over to the
NT code base. Currently, 75 percent of games don’t run on
Windows 2000, Microsoft acknowledges.”