ZDNN: Novell inches toward open source

“Novell Inc. plans to publish by year’s end its own
open-source license, along with the initial applications that will
fall under that license…”

“Getting things fixed and developed on NDS now is difficult, so
if open source made that faster, that’s great,” said Ron Palmeri,
vice president of strategic relations at Oblix Inc., a Novell
partner in Mountain View, Calif. “But take Netscape’s LDAP
[Lightweight Directory Access Protocol] development kit. [Because
of licensing restrictions] since it went open source, it has been
difficult to get fixes and development…”

“Novell’s first applications to fall under the license will be
the digitalme online identity management technology, the client
piece of NDS for Linux and the management interface to the
company’s Internet Caching System, sources said.”

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