ZDTV: The Buzz About Linux

“Linux is the latest entry in the worldwide race for domination
of the PC desktop and computer server markets. Linux is a Unix-like
operating system that runs on many different types of computers,
including those using CPUs from Intel, Compaq, Motorola, Sun, and
others. You’ll also find versions of Linux for your Alpha, Sun,
Apple Macintosh, or PC.”

Linux is the core of the operating system, or the kernel,
while the Linux operating system and its collection of software is
properly known as a distribution.

“Many of the programs in a Linux distribution come from the
Berkeley Software Distribution, or BSD Unix, and the Free Software
Foundation’s GNU software suite. Linux melds SysV Unix and BSD
features with Posix compliance and has inherited much of the best
from more than 25 years of Unix experience. Linux has also helped
provide the recent impetus for the open-source software

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