Zope 1.9b3 released

Digital Creations is pleased to announce the third beta of Zope,
the Z Object Publishing Environment. Zope is a free, open source
web application platform used for building high-performance,
dynamic web sites.


This release of Zope fixes some bugs and includes Z SQL Methods
which allow Zope to access relational databases. Right now database
adapters are available for ODBC on win32 and MySQL.

Zope runs under Linux, most other Unixes, and win32.

The Zope architecture competes in the web application server
market against products such as Cold Fusion, Silverstream, Netscape
Application Server, and the like. These products are aimed at
systems programmers and relational databases. Zope, however,
contains a powerful and simple scripting object model and
high-performance, integrated object database. Thus the term

Zope is divided into a number of systems written in Python and
C. First, the Z Publisher provides object publishing that
integrates with common web servers using a number of protocols,
such as Zope’s Persistent CGI. The Z Framework contains the
foundation for the environment and builtin objects such as folders,
documents, and images. The Z Template system provides dynamic page
generation. The Z Object Database gives an advanced storage system
that integrates tightly with Zope’s web object model. Finally, Z
SQL Methods and Z Database Adapters provide object-relational
integration of data in popular SQL servers.

Thanks for taking the time to check out Zope.

-Amos Latteier

Amos Latteier         mailto:[email protected]
Digital Creations     http://www.digicool.com