Zope Weekly News for March 1, 2000

Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2000 18:51:39 -0500 (EST)
From: Mike Pelletier [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: Zope Weekly News


Zope Weekly News is a digest of some of the useful and
interesting events which have occurred on the various Zope mailing
lists and the Zope.org site. It is published each Wednesday

Any opinions contained in the Zope Weekly News are those of the
chronicler exclusively.


* XML.com has published another Zope article by Amos Latteier,
titled “Advanced XML Applications in Zope”


New Products

* Software Product: PMPSurvey, by “sleeper”

This is another survey product. It supports single and multiple
answer questions. It may easily be embedded within other web pages,
and reportedly sports a nice management interface.



* Software Product: FSSession, by “gaaros”

This product can be used to maintain arbitrary per-visitor data
(session data) without burdening your ZODB with excessive
transactions. It does this by storing the sessions on your

This update, 0.2.3, uses cPickle, which makes it faster and more
flexible. There are additional new features.


* Software Product: BannerFolder, by “lalo”

This product randomly displays one of it’s contained ads or DTML
Methods. There are provisions for tracking click-thrus and for
limiting the number of times an ad will display.

The current version is 0.4.


* Software Product: ZRadius, by “Zen”

This is a Radius authenticator. It can be used on it’s own, or
in Zope as a GenericUserFolder plug-in. This is a bug-fix release,
bringing the version to 1.1.


Zope.org items

* Zope Documentation Plan, by Amos Latteier

Amos Latteier is soliciting feedback on his Zope Documentation
Plan. It describes the initiatives to improve the documentation
situation which are underway at DC, their goals, and the
assumptions they are based on. If you would like to offer feedback,
Amos is available at .


* Tip: Using PythonMethods on FreeBSD, by “als”

This tip points out that a module required by PythonMethods
(new) is not enabled by default by FreeBSD’s python port. It
describes the solution.


* All Product Releases, by Martijn Pieters

This page is designed to be used with wget, Go!Zilla, or some
other web-sucking tool. It contains links to every Product Release
on the Zope site.


* How-To: Wizards Made Easy, by “jspisak”

This document explains a few techniques which make it easy to
create simple multiple-page forms, like Windows’ Wizards.


Mike Pelletier.