AS400 Network: Want Linux on AS/400? Upgrade to 8xx

“When Linux comes to the iSeries next year, only the newest
multiprocessor boxes running the latest operating system will be
able to run it. The majority of AS/400-iSeries users on older boxes
will remain Linuxless.
But is that necessarily a bad

“Because the first incarnation of AS/400 Linux requires a
dedicated processor in addition to a primary processor running
OS/400, Linux will only be able to run on boxes with more than one
processor, though Rochester hopes to overcome this restriction in a
later release. In addition, IBM says it has added protective
facilities to the I-Star processor (which is available only in the
8xx models) to prevent the Linux and OS/400 operating systems from
interacting with each other.”

“So is this devastating news for the AS/400 community? Dave
Andrews, president of Andrews Consulting Group, doesn’t think so.
“If you’ve got a perfectly good operating system on your computer,
why have the overhead of putting another one in there?” he asks.
While AS/400 users certainly don’t want to be the only kids on the
block without Linux, offering Linux on the iSeries just won’t have
any impact on the AS/400 community, he says. “Until there’s
software that’s only available under Linux and that hasn’t been
converted to run under OS/400, and until that software is so
compelling and interesting that the AS/400 community feels they
have to have it, there’s nothing to be gained by all this,” Andrews

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