BW: Discovery.com Signs HomePage.com as New Home Page Provider

“Discovery.com… has selected HomePage.com… to be its
provider of customized home page solutions. Discovery.com will be
licensing HomePage.com’s proprietary “powered by” system for its
private label home pages, as it rolls out new relevant, useful
tools for everyday living on the Web.”

“Under the agreement, HomePage.com will create a customized home
page service for Discovery.com that will offer the Web’s most
intuitive home page system to its users. When Discovery.com’s home
page service goes live in April 2000, visitors can find
page-building tools in the site’s free My Discovery registration
service, and can set up a home page for themselves in approximately
60 seconds using a series of simple templates that have a
Discovery.com look and feel.”

“… The heart of HomePage.com’s success is its unique,
flexible and proprietary “Powered by HomePage.com” system. It uses
a unique combination of FreeBSD and Linux operating system
environments with established open-source software (like Apache web
server) to minimize problems and ensure quick fixes when problems
do arise.
“Powered by HomePage.com” assures users a high
performance, easy-to-use, crash-free experience.”

Press release