BW: Motorola Computer Group Expands Advanced High-Availability Software Offering

“Motorola plans to offer the acclaimed high-availability
configuration and event manager from the company’s Advanced High
Availability Software for Linux (HA Linux), announced in March, on
other strategic operating systems — Microsoft Windows 2000, Wind
River’s VxWorks AE RTOS and LynxOS.”

“Attesting to Motorola’s dominance in HA Linux, D.H. Brown
Associates Inc. commented in a July 2000 report, “Motorola now has
a state-of-the-art solution, high-end, Linux-based
telecommunications hardware-software offering that should bolster
its continued effort to lead the embedded market … All
telecommunications system providers will need to look at the
Motorola HA Linux offering to ensure they do not miss the
burgeoning trend towards Linux solutions.”

“Using this expertise in HA Linux as a starting point, the new
high-availability OS solutions, when coupled with Motorola’s
CPX8000’s high-availability architecture, will give more choice to
telecom OEMs and bring high availability to telecommunications
systems running wireless, enterprise, networking and transmission
applications designed for 5NINES availability.”

Press Release