Cluster Monkey: Life, The Universe, and Your Cluster – A Study in Cluster Optimization

[ Thanks to Douglas Eadline for this
link. ]

“Cluster computing is great, so they say. Cobble together a few
thousand servers and some Ethernet, grab some freely available
software and you can now calculate the meaning of Life the Universe
and Everything. Well, OK, that has been done, for those of you that
have not read Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, the answer is there.
It only took seven and half million years for the Deep Thought
computer to determine this important answer. On to the next
problem. Well, maybe, what if someone managed to optimize Deep
Thought by 20%, then the question could be answered in a mere six
million years saving those anxious to know the answer to the
ultimate question quite a lot of waiting. What about your cluster?
How much more performance could you be getting out of your

“Rest assured, we will not be tackling such large problems,
however, the right cluster optimizations can make things go much
faster. In our quest, we have found that optimization is more like
a strategy than flipping a switch. Let’s start where all journeys
start–getting money…”